The Art Of Tantric Sex In 5 Steps

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Guest author, Osho Shivo, will be providing us with a more in-depth guide on how you too can experience the joys of tantra!

1) Free Yourself From Negativity

To begin with, you need to clean yourself up to become free from stress, anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety or any other negative emotions. You can’t carry the dirt if you are entering the worship.

This stage should be performed individually. Here are a few tantra technics for doing this, you can pick which one you feel most comfortable doing.

Firstly, try forceful exhalations, focusing on forcing the breath out, and not worrying about inhaling. Another way to let out all the negative emotions out is by shouting, screaming, punching in the air, talking gibberish or whatever else works for you. You may even find putting on music really loud and dancing in a chaotic manner helps you release negative energy. The aim is to do what works best for you until you feel free from negativity.

After all this energetic action, sit quietly or lie down for a few minutes. At the end of this stage, you’ll feel deep relaxation from within.

2) Observe Desires And Go Beyond

It’s important to remember that tantra sex energy is propelled by masculine and feminine energy dynamics, and not by desires. One can let go of desires, just by observing and being with them rather than resisting desires or flowing with them.

Here are some popular techniques to help you let go of your desires:

  • Prepare a sacred love temple, using sacred objects like flowers, plants, crystals, bells, stones, beautiful pictures, or anything else that reminds you of the peace.
  • Invoke your spiritual guides, offer prayer to anyone you deeply trust, for example, Shiva, Krishna or whoever you worship.
  • Put on some music that creates a romantic or sexual vibe, dance together, let one of the partners say stop at any point, and both of you freeze, enjoy the energy moving up the spine, start to dance again after some time, both of you can take turns in calling stop. Such a simple technique can be miraculous in taking you beyond desires.
  • Harmonize your breath by one of you sitting on the lap of other, either inhale and exhale together, or one should inhale as the other exhales, taking this in turns.
  • Gaze into each other’s eyes, don’t blink as far as possible, gyrate slowly when you feel like it.
  • One of my most favorite techniques is to hum. Sit facing each other, holding hands in a cross, inhale deep together and exhale from the mouth while keeping it close in the form of humming sound. Feel the vibrations within your body and well as in your lover’s body.

At the end of this stage, lovers will feel the energy flowing through their palms and fingers.

3) Tantric Touch And Foreplay

As the energy begins to flow through your fingers, you can now play with each other and listen to your bodies. While intimately touching each other, you’ll notice that certain body parts are pulsating with energy, while others carry energy blocks and hence feel dull or even painful.

Let me briefly explain the process to remove such energy blocks. Keep your eyes closed and feel the block and be with it even if it feels irritating, suffocating or painful. Now, the one who is feeling the block should visualize, as if this block itself is breathing in and out.

The other should give a gentle massage in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Slowly, the block will begin to melt away. Now visualize the white light entering this space and spreading throughout the body. Very soon you will feel the soothing energy pulsations

At the end of this stage, the female’s breasts will feel the ecstatic pulsations with energy flowing through her nipples. Similar pulsation will be felt at the bottom of the male’s lingam (genitals). This is an utterly ecstatic state, where you become throbbing, pulsating energies.

4) Tantric Intercourse

Now the stage is set for the unification of masculine and feminine energies. As you enter intercourse, feel the rising kundalini energy in the form of throb moving up the spine. Similarly, the penetration of feminine energy is felt through the connection of females breast at the male chest and it awakens the heart chakra.

Resisting temptations to move much thrust only slightly. Remember that tantra is not the hot passionate bed-breaking sex. Enjoy the bliss of energy rotating in loops, throughout the body. Lovers can experience long full-body orgasms during this state.

5) Tantra Samadhi

Once you have merged in orgasm and you’re enjoying the ecstasy, it’s time to let go even further. Lie down along with each other, holding one hand and go in deep relaxation. Enjoy these timeless moments. Orgasm will now expand beyond bodies and the ecstatic experiences of cosmic consciousness will dawn over you. Remember, the stage of relaxation is absolutely necessary, for you to access cosmic intelligence.

The Tantra Transformation

As you come out of tantra samadhi, its bliss will pervade all over you for long hours or even for days. Don’t be shocked, if you observe that you are responding to routine situations with much sexuality awareness and the frustrations of life have given the way to love and compassion.

I have also observed that just one deep tantra experience is enough for harmonizing your life with divine purpose. Hence don’t be surprised with the occurrence of miraculous events, which may become the turning points of your life. The deep tantra experience also causes the transformation in your being and hence may lead to attaining of a divine personality.


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