Tiger Eye Yoni Eggs Vs Red Jasper Yoni Eggs | What’s The Difference?

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If you want to find tonic vaginal muscles, you have the opportunity to try a natural method, namely yoni egg. The practice of the yoni egg is essential for women who find it difficult to reconnect with their femininity and sexuality in a post-delivery situation, or who have been marked by pregnancy as well. Find out more benefits of tigers eye yoni egg below, and how to be sexually lucky with yoni eggs.

Essential tips and tricks

If you are interested in tigers eye yoni egg, experts recommend you to consult the experienced buyers and sellers personally or via web. There are many website that tells you about yoni eggs and advises you on their uses. You will find a tonic pelvic floor but also a lubricated vagina and you can say bye bye to the problems of urinary leakage. This is how you will also get rid of the downside threat. 

Choose the yoni egg.

You have just given birth and the muscles of your perineum are very loose, you can and you must do something without further delay. So try the yoni egg, this small egg-shaped object as the name suggests is originally jade and it allows all the muscles of the perineum to contract and regain some momentum.

To rehabilitate your perineum effectively, you can use a therapeutic Yoni egg. This re-education is essential otherwise you could have urinary leakage every time you go sneeze or burst out laughing. And admit that you would be fine with such an inconvenience!

A MayoClinic article talks about urinary incontinence in detail.

To use a Yoni egg

As you will read on online journals, to use your Yoni egg well, you have to be relaxed. If you are stressed, it will not work. You will begin by gently inserting it into the vagina, without forcing. Then, for a maximum of 3 hours, you will contract your muscle to squeeze the egg before releasing it.

Once the session is over, you will remove your Yoni egg by pulling on its string or “laying” it naturally. Also remember to remove it before going to the bathroom. It would be a shame to lose your Yoni egg in the bowl! To maintain your egg and prevent infections, you will clean it with a mild soap before sterilizing for about ten minutes.

Maintain his yoni egg.

You know what a yoni egg is for, but you may not know how to maintain it? If you respected the first use of this egg, you certainly bought it in jade as before. To remove it, just pull on the string very gently to avoid hurting yourself. To clean it, it must be done with soapy water and Marseille soap but beware of aggressive or abrasive products. The yoni in Sanskrit refers to the female sex but also the symbol of the creative force of feminine energy. After discovering yoni eggs in Thailand, commonly known as jade eggs, a few years ago in a series of interviews about fulfilling sexuality and the sacred feminine, you need to quickly start to use them regularly and to understand the benefits.

Yoni egg package

It made you evolve in your relationship to your woman’s body but also in my confidence and your relationship to men. So share this practice with as many women as possible so that they can continue to explore their creative power in all circumstances.

The tiger’s eye yoni egg accompanies you on a daily basis. Use several stones according to their properties, their sizes and my needs. Your trainers guide you to choose the egg that will suit you to accompany you in the sweetness and bring out the goddess who is in you. Wish your egg reveals reveals to you, your power.

How to choose your Yoni egg?

Big Size: Ideal for starting the practice of Yoni Egg and for any woman who has had one or more children.

Medium Size: The medium size Yoni Egg is suitable for any woman who has not had a child, single or couple.

Small Size: Small Yoni Egg is suitable for advanced practice of Yoni Egg, i.e. any woman who has ever used Yoni Egg or is very sexually active.

Choosing the stone of his yoni egg

The tiger’s eye yoni egg offers eggs made with many types of stone:

Yoni egg in amethyst: Concentration, mental calm, clarity, serenity

Yoni egg in carnelian: joy, vitality, energy; This is the yoni egg famous in Rishikesh

Yoni egg in aventurine: inner tranquility, patience, acceptance

Yoni egg in pink quartz: calm interior, appeasement, serenity, self-love

Yoni egg in new jade: protects against disturbances of negative emotions, gives courage

Yoni egg in tiger eye: releases blockages, helps clarify intentions, soothes, reassures

Yoni egg in smoked quartz: Accompanies novelty, stabilizes, balance.

Discover all the stones and their benefits here

An explanatory booklet will be sent to you with your purchase of Yoni Eggs. In your package ordered on online shopping sites, you will receive:

  • 1 Yoni’s egg
  • 1 color pouch
  • 1 explanatory booklet

There are also packs that include the 3 sizes of Yoni Eggs. This is ideal to evolve in your Yoni Egg practice starting with the wide then medium and small.

Have you already bought your yoni egg?

You may have chosen it or it has come to you. If you do not feel that you’ve chosen him, he did it. He came to you, there is no chance here. Thank Yoni Egg and welcome him to your life. Ask him to accompany you in our sacred feminine, in your decisions, in your choices. Create a relationship with this one. For example, you can sleep with him by putting a first night under your pillow or have it with you in your purse throughout your day. When you’re ready to use it, you’ll know it. An intuition, a desire, an inner voice will tell you that you are ready. Do not rush things. He accompanies you. It’s a practice just as meditation can be, creating an intention for your day, making a vision board, reading inspirational books, or participating in the 100 Days Challenge. Wide collections of yoni eggs are available at yonieggs.co .

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